Europa Airways Employee Onboarding

Improve Staff Communications

About this Offer Pack

Organisations are improving onboarding of new

employees using interactive documents and this

example has been annotated with best prectice

tips on how to get the most from your own offer


Content provides candidate details of their role,

the offer conditions and contract.

It also uses interactive content to deliver and

capture inportant information giving a better

undertanding for both employee and employer.

Europa Airways is a fictitious brand used to illustrate how interactive documents can improve the onboarding and ongoing communication with new employees.

The document is built and designed using PageTiger

The content is for demonstration purposes only. 

No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended.


  1. Europa Airways Employee Onboarding
  2. Introduction
  3. Introduction
  4. Introduction
  5. Introduction
  6. Introduction
  7. Introduction
  8. Introduction
  9. Introduction
  10. Introduction
  11. Introduction
  12. Introduction
  13. Introduction
  14. Introduction
  15. Introduction
  16. Introduction
  17. Introduction
  18. Introduction

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